Organic Greens Powder Superfood Plus Organic Protein Powder Plantbased Vegan Combo


Organic Greens Powder Superfood Plus Organic Protein Powder Plantbased Vegan Combo

One daily delicious scoop of Fiber powder

1. Supports digestion 2. Improve regularity 3. Support weight loss 4. Relieves bloating 5. Reduce risk of chronic disease 6. Plant based

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Fiber is important to the health and proper functioning of our digestive tracts. However, most American diets fall short of the recommendations. Luckily, supplementing with fiber can be easily added to any diet through powders like this. Our formula includes both soluble and insoluble fiber to provide a range of health benefits.

Add one scoop a day in a drink or other liquid and be sure to mix. Made to be used once a day.

Several things differentiate the Super Fiber Tabs from the Plant-Based Fiber Complex. Mainly, the Plant-Based fiber complex is in the form of a powder that contains 7 grams of fiber in one scoop. The Super Fiber Tabs, on the other hand, contains only 2 grams of fiber but it is recommended to take them 3 times a day.

We test products multiple times to the safety and quality of our products. As standard procedure, all incoming raw materials used in the manufacturing of our products are tested, as well as the finished products. Each batch of the finished product is also tested for disintegration time.

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One of our corporate commitments is to reduce our environmental impact. This product is made with a BPA-free container made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic to support a healthier environment.

All our products meet the SGS standards and they verified the process for manufacturing this product with no GMO ingredients. Visit for more details.

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Customer Reviews

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Natural Boost to My Digestive Health

I recently incorporated the Plant-Based Fiber Complex into my daily routine to enhance my dietary fiber intake. As someone who has always been mindful of digestive health, this supplement seemed like a natural and convenient option. Here's my experience after a month of consistent use.
The Plant-Based Fiber Complex has been quite effective in regulating my digestive system. I've noticed a significant improvement in my regularity and less discomfort related to bloating. It's been a gentle yet efficient way to support my digestive health without any harsh side effects.
One of the aspects I appreciate about this product is its neutral taste. It blends well into my morning smoothies and oatmeal without altering the flavor. The powder mixes relatively easily, though I found that using a blender or shaker cup gives the best results to avoid any clumps.
This fiber complex impresses with its variety of plant-based sources, including psyllium husk, flaxseed, and inulin. The blend of soluble and insoluble fibers is ideal for a holistic approach to digestive health. Moreover, the absence of artificial additives aligns well with my preference for natural supplements.
An added benefit I've observed is an increased sense of fullness, which has been helpful in managing my weight. It seems to curb my appetite slightly, making me less prone to snacking between meals.
Considering the quality of ingredients and the overall benefits, I find this product to be reasonably priced. It's an investment in my health that I am willing to make, given the positive outcomes I've experienced.
Initially, my system took a bit of time to adjust to the increased fiber intake. I experienced some minor gas and bloating during the first few days, but these symptoms subsided once my body adapted.
The Plant-Based Fiber Complex is a commendable product for anyone looking to enhance their fiber intake naturally. It's effective, easy to incorporate into daily meals, and offers a gentle solution for improving digestive health. While the initial adjustment period might be a slight hiccup for some, the long-term benefits it provides for digestive wellness make it a worthy addition to a healthy diet.

T. Felix
Organic Protein Powder Vanila

I have been on a weight loss journey and this fiber keeps me fuller longer, makes weight management easier, it tastes delicious and easy to make. You have a customer for life. Highly recommend

Brittney Green
"Revealing the Waistline Secret"

"I can see my waistline again, thanks to the plant-based fiber powder combined with a fiber-free weight loss meal plan. My friends and co-workers want to know what I have been doing. I plan to keep this a secret. LOL!"


This fiber powder has done wonders for me. It delivered quickly and did its job!!

Felix O
Organic Powder

All I can say is why did I wait to get this. Does everything it is supposed to do and some. You have a customer for life