Our Founder

Our founder, Peter Onuoha once had it all, a life that sparkled like a diamond. His Texan home was a sanctuary of comfort and dreams a place where laughter echoed in every room, and the future seemed limitless. That beautiful white house, now a distant memory of what it used to be, stood as a testament to the life he had built with unwavering determination.

Nestled in the heart of Fort Bend County, our founder’s house was the embodiment of his hard-earned success. Its spacious rooms held countless cherished memories. Each corner bore the mark of his personality, reflecting his tastes and passions. From the cozy office where he had meticulously done product research and analysis, to the inviting living room where he and Lisa had laughed over countless movies – every detail held a piece of his heart.

Peter, a brilliant product manager, had a knack for turning chaos into order, product into stories. His office was a sanctuary of organized chaos, where he had spent countless hours crafting reports that shaped his company's future. His job was more than a paycheck; it was a canvas where he painted his legacy.

Lisa, his once-upon-a-time love, was the final piece of his puzzle. A medical professional with a heart of gold, she fit into his life like the missing jigsaw piece. Their shared dreams had painted a future full of promise. They had planned everything- a new house, their wedding locations and children. Their love had been a symphony of two souls harmonizing. But life, as it so often does, had different plans.

Alternative treatments followed, like a desperate plea to a higher power. Acupuncture's promise of ancient healing, herbal remedies whispers of nature's secrets – each avenue explored, each with no avail. His body, once a temple of vitality, became a battleground of despair.

The love that had once been his anchor began to fray. Lisa, unable to bear the weight of his suffering, slipped through his fingers. She was a casualty of a love that had been unable to withstand the relentless tide of agony.